• Todd Gerleman is Successful in Business and Life

  • Posted on October 15, 2017
  • As mortgage specialist Todd Gerleman sees things, his ability to find a mortgage solution for anyone is what has made him into one of the finest and most successful mortgage loan originators in the business. Currently Todd plies his trade in the Edina Minnesota office of Finance Of America, LLC. He loves working from there because he is able to offer a great many advantages to clients. By using in-house services like underwriting and processing, he is able to find great deals for his clients and finalize a mortgage without having to search nationwide for those services. That lends speed and ease to the process, both of which are really good for clients. And after all, client service is always the key to business success.

    Quite possibly because he has experienced so much business success with an attitude of making his client’s experience the best it can be, Todd Gerleman has obviously decided to take the same sort of approach to his personal life. He is determined to learn and apply everything he learns from the self-help books he devours constantly. Written by experts like Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy, Todd is so inspired by people like that, he wants to be just like them and use that information in his personal life. That’s why he exercises and eats healthy every chance he gets.

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